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The 17&18th June 2017
A Busy Weekend

Open to the general public on Saturday, and for the Big Lunch with our friends from the local communities on Sunday. Student art from Whitley Academy remained in place for the whole weekend

The Open Day on the 17th was rather quiet, but those that came were enthralled and very interested.

Sunday was, by contrast, very well attended, with some interesting visitors including a BBC Cov and Warwick Radio presenter broadcasting live from the event.

visitor 1 visitor 2 visitor 3

It was very evident that the children enjoyed themselves, paticularly it appears when they were throwing wet sponges at the vicar in the stocks.

games stocks connect 3

To complete the day there were musicians, players, a local artist demostrating and teaching, fancy dress competitions, and raffle prizes.

musician player

A friendly ecologist helped to build a bug hotel and this remains as a lasting legacy.

bug hotes

The whole afternoon was judged by all to have been a rounding success.

27th May 2017
Re-enactment with the Household of Sir William Stanley

As well as the clashing of swords and demonstrations of medieval style cooking etc. Whitley Academy provided us with art from their very talented students.

re-enactment 1 re-enactment 2 re-enactment 3
re-enactment 1 re-enactment 4 re-enactment 5
re-enactment re-enactment 5 re-enactment 4
re-enactment 6 re-enactment 7

Open Day 9th July 2016

manekin and notice

On our 9th July Open Day we included an exhibition of work by Whitley Academy Art students. The talent they showed was truly amazing.

art 1 art 2

Emma and her vintage tea shoppe brought along her wonderful selection of cakes.

tea shop sign Emma

We also held a rememberance service for those that fought at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. A minuts silence was held followed by a scattering of poppy petals.

silence 1 silence 2 silence 3

Visit from E-on

eon at work eon at work 2

A team from E-on came along a few days prior to an Open Day (July 9th) and tidied up the back garden. They also managed to clear a considerable growth of ivy at the back of the bowling green to reveal the wall that had been hidden there.

ivy covered wall bowling green wall

Riverbank Academy

Alice Stevens on bridge Alice Stevens on path Alice Stevens in back

The Riverbank Academy, formerly known as Alice Stevens, have worked hard to help clear the grounds of weeds and debris. They are doing a wonderful job


wlakoathon 1 walkathon 2 walkathon 3

Some of the Charterhouse Association members dressed in costume took part in the 2015 Walkathon in the Memorial Park. They managed to raise some funds and gained some publicity through the Coventry Telegraph report